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About Us

Tooth Essentials, a reputed Multi-Specialty dental clinic in JanakPuri, New Delhi offers their patients a comprehensive gamut of oral care services at affordable price. The dental clinic in janakpuri is fully and well equipped with latest technology and the finest team of dentist. Be it general dentistry, Implantology, dental implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, Laminate veneers, Aligners, Braces or Painless RCT in janakpuri is treated by their best dentist team. If any time your teeth troubles you, visit Tooth Essentials Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic and rest assured.

We have developed end to end dental solutions with our own Clinical setups equipped with modern machinery. We have been persistent in our tunnel vision and ardently strive to offer global standards of dentistry in every aspect in our neighborhood and setting up the highest thresholds for hygiene, clinic safety, transparency, ethics, and customer service.

Quality is the utmost and core value of the organization, team ensures to provide the highest quality services to the patients and strive for continuous improvements by auditing delivery models, protocols and policies. Their delivery models, protocols & policies are constantly audited as well as reviewed from time to time to deliver quality services. So next time your teeth troubles you, visit Tooth Essentials Multi-Specialty the best Dental Clinic in JanakPuri, Delhi and rest assure for quality and job satisfaction.