September 2021 - Tooth Essentials

All ABOUT TAKING CARE OF YOUR TEETH – DENTAL CARE The reason and culprit behind tooth decay and gum disease is plaque, it is sticky combination of bacteria and food. It begins to build up on your teeth within a few minutes after eating food. If teeths are not cleaned every day, plaque will lead […]

A crown needs to be treated like A CROWN! Dental crowns and bridges are the mainstay of people who have either lost their natural teeth, have undergone root canal treatment, or looking for any cosmetic enhancement in their teeth. Well-organized and efficient postoperative care is the chief mechanism for ensuring optimal longevity and success in […]

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE Oral hygiene instructions are helpful and a form of essential educational information meant to teach and guide patients to prevent new cavities, and to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The initial oral hygiene visit involves the dentist instructing the patient on the proper methods of […]